The Next Step for Free Alabama Movement: Legal Clinic Network


“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”
13th Amendment, US Constitution

There are several fronts that F.A.M. is currently working on to continue the fight against mass incarceration and prison slavery. With the growth and continued exposure of F.A.M. also comes the need to organize more soundly on a structural and foundational level. In this respect, we are working to structure our legal department and Legal Clinic Network:


1) We need to recruit a volunteer to serve in the capacity of a staff attorney and to develop a fundraising plan to provide compensation when available. This office will help to advise F.A.M. on legal issues and represent F.A.M. in legal matters.


2) We would like to structure a F.A.M. Legal Clinic Network.

We already have a commitment from several law students, one attorney, and we are exploring opportunities with a law professor and another attorney that we are already in contact with. We anticipate the Legal Clinic Network to start out working in the following capacity:


a) Handling at least one criminal conviction and/or civil suit per year. In addition, we would like to build a network of volunteers composed of law students, paralegals and researchers to assist with legal research, editing and typing, copying, and filing and collecting public records.


b) Filing litigation concerning First Amendment rights as they relate to the right of people incarcerated to peacefully assembly in protest of ongoing civil and human rights violations, and to establish and declare free speech zones at Alabama prisons for Freeworld supporters without interference from state officials when conducting demonstrations or protesting on prison grounds.

(i) First Amendment peaceful assembly rights will also address state retaliation for non-violent and peaceful activity inside of prison, and establish precedent that will be backed by TRO’s to prevent arbitrary detention in solitary confinement and retaliation by prison officials for the exercise of constitutionally protected rights. In California, several recent decisions were issued stating that people in prison could not be punished for hunger strikes because this activity was not violent and did not pose a threat to security.

(ii) First Amendment free speech zones will declare the rights of the public to access public prison facilities and to communicate with visitors on visitation days at these prisons and pass out information concerning public safety, mass incarceration, and civil and human rights issues taking place in Alabama prisons.


3) The Legal Clinic Network will address the violations of women’s rights at Tutwiler as outlined in the U.S. Dept of Justice report in January 2014, and seek compensation and assistance for all children who were born as a result of these sex crimes.


4) The Legal Clinic Network would also like to build a network of labor attorneys and experts to address labor issues within the prisons.


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New Market, AL 35761


   Death defines the ADOC and its leaders, who sacrifice bodies for dollars. 

Over the past 20-plus months, since the violent attack of Mr. Xabrian by Lt. Ronald Carter at St. Clair CF, violent stabbings, police brutality, murders, suicides, and government heavy-handedness has gripped Alabama prison on a scale never seen before. 

    Carter committed suicide at Holman prison

  Peaceful protests have been organized both inside and outside of the prisons by various factions, including FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT.

   But, dispute the many pleas for leaders to step forward and address the many problems that plague Alabama prisons, no fundamental changes of any kind have been made within the ADOC. The sole response from the ADOC has been predictable: call in the CERT Team. 

 This special tactical unit is guilty of its own brand of police brutality. In one instance, ADOC officials put out a statement claiming that the CERT Team had been attacked. But FAM released videos (see Free Alabama Movement’s YouTube channel)  showing men who had been tortured, beaten and bloodied by the CERT Team, as they stood and admired their handy work. The lies of the ADOC were exposed, as not a single CERT Team member suffered any injury of any kind, not even a scratch. 

   This is but one of the man who were  beaten by the CERT 

  In the upcoming 2017 Alabama Legislative Session, some politicians and public officials will be asking for over 1 billion dollars to build new prisons in Alabama. These funds will be requested despite the current dysfunction of the prison system, and there will be no public oversight of these funding, nor will there be any unfettered access allowed  to the prisons by the press or public watchdog groups. 

    In addition, the main contributors to the dysfunction (overcrowding, outdated habitual offender laws, ineffective parole board) will not be addressed.

  Building new prisons may alleviate the overcrowding quota, but it will not alleviate the problem of mass imprisonment. Alabama, one of the smallest states in the US, currently has the fifth highest incarceration rate in the world.  In books like “Slavery By Another Name” and “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America”, we see how prisons have been used to re-enslave and disenfranchise Black and poor people, and we also see that human rights abuses have plagued Alabama prisons since the 1800’s. Underinvestment in education, rehabilitation and re-entry is a hallmark of Alabama prisons, which contributes to recidivism, violence, and corruption in the ADOC. 

  The next critical moment in this Movement must be geared towards promotion of FAM’s “FREEDOM BILL”(see on and exposing the nefarious intent of the corrupt officials who are plotting to steal 1.5 billion from taxpayers. The rhetoric of the struggle and all of the self-professed and self-righteous  is loud, but the organizing and mobilizing of the People around a solution and clear goals is woefully lacking in substance. 

  Where are you in the struggle for Freedom? 




​Dara Folden 

****Attention Confined Citizens Alert****

Confined Citizen Deatwan Lasted #285632 housed at Holman Correctional Facility was brutally attacked for refusing to occupy a segregation cell once occupied by Robert Carter who recently committed suicide on October 9, 2016.

When Laster refused to enter the cell he was attacked and sprayed with a chemical agent known as Saber Red that severely burns the eyes and skin. Laster pleaded with the Riot Team to take him to the infirmary however his request were ignored. This type of force is a violation of his 8th Amendment, Cruel and Unusual Punishment. 

Please show your support by calling Holman Correctional Facility at: 

(251) 368-8173 to demand immediate treatment and relocation to another cell for Laster.

URGENT:  Violent Attack Against F.A.M. Member Mr. James Ware at Donaldson CF

  On Saturday night at Donaldson CF, FAM Member James Ware was attacked by corrections officers after being removed to an isolated area of the prison in an obviously planned attack. Mr. Ware was placed into the “hot bay” dorm , which is an isolated and restricted part of the prison where assaults have been frequent. 

  FAM first reported on the “hot bay” dorms, also called Behavior Modification Program, when a rebellion took place at Bibb Co. prison over inhumane treatment and abuse by staff. These programs have had multiple rebellions at every prison that they are located, included G.K.Fountain. FAM leader James Pleasant, also known as Dhati Khalid, was transferred from St. Clair CF to Donaldson and then placed in this “hot bay, where he was also assaulted, sprayed with chemical agents, and subject to other deprivations. The hot bay dorm at Donaldson has drew the ire and criticism from officers as well, and many incidents, especially the spraying of chemical agents goes on weekly; many incidents are not even reported.

  Mr. Ware has been moved to another area of solitary confinement and is being denied a phone call to communicate with his family. Please assist Mother’s and F.A.M.ilies by contacting Commissioner Jefferson Dunn at Commissioner Jefferson S. Dunn at 334.353.3883 and Warden Leon Billing at  205.436.3681, and demand that Mr. Ware be afforded a phone call to insure that he is safe and receiving proper medical treatment. 


Mother’s and F.A.M.ilies 

Please update us on your phone calls by posting to our FB group!/groups/1054185174702322?view=info&refid=18&ref=bookmarks

 Or, by emailing us at:

More Violence in Alabama Prison 

By Dara Folden

Another violent day in the A.D.O.C. Inmate Jason Regan was stabbed at the St. Clair Correctional Facility today Oct 27th around 5:30 p.m. This incident occurred in the Faith Based Honor dorm unit at the facility. This stabbing rides on the heels of 5 inmates that were brutally stabbed which required medical treatment from a hospital outside of the facility. The A.D.O.C is wracked with daily acts of violence against staff and inmates on a regular basis. These incidents are also in direct corelation to the govenor attempts to dupe the voting public into approving 1.5 billion to build new prisons.

Prior to today’s stabbing there have been a rash of other stabbings, one including an officer, along with a suicide and suicide attempts. These acts of violence are a result of multiple factors such as over crowding, lack of staff, and the mistreatment of inmates and staff of the A.D.O.C. The conditions have been so bad that officers have walked off the job during shifts and have also refused to report for scheduled shifts. As a result, the Riot Team, which is called in for special cases, are being sent from facility to facility across the state to cover shifts but yet their presence is not effective especially when the screams and banging of the inmates went unanswered resulting in the death of Robert D. Carter, a hanging victim at Holman Correctional Facility.

The A.D.O.C is currently under investigation by the DOJ regarding saftey issues and violations, amongst other issues that have not received the necessary attention from the administration. But as concerned family, friends, and citizens we must aide in this investigation by reporting issues affecting our loved ones. Our voices can and should be heard.

As family and friends of loved ones behind bars how long will we not bring attention to these issues? How many more Jason Regan’s and Robert Carter’s will we have to read about before something will be done? Keep in mind silence is consent. The longer we remain silent about situations that need to be spoke on and require immediate attention, the longer the list of names will become in the next story.

Is our thinking pattern distorted?

(Top row depicts pictures of unsanitary conditions inside of Alabama’s prisons, bottom pic depicts unsanitary conditions relating to animal rights.)

October 27,2016

       The question above arose as I was pondering the fact that more people are prosecuted annually for animal cruelty across the nation than those that participate in human cruelty within our prison systems.

        I ask the question ” Is our thinking pattern distorted ?” People today seem it more fitting to prosecute and educate for animal cruelty more so than acts against fellow humans. To me this raises my curiosity as to how can we become so sadistic.

        The way people have become so easily swayed to seeing these men and women in our penal system as less than animals baffles me. We have de-humanized many individuals that will one day return to our neighbourhoods and be expected to be civilized, and better than when they entered our prisons. This is a perfect example of distorted thinking, and why the recidivism rate in our nation is over 76%.

         Maybe there’s more truth to the saying “A dog is man’s best friend“. I think it’s time we reevaluate and correct our thinking pattern.

            Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. Swift Justice

Robert Earl Council , also known as “Kinetic Justice”, remains on hunger strike within the dungeon of Limestone Correctional Facility.

October 26,2016

     Today within the walls at Limestone Correctional Facility Robert Earl Council remains on protest against the retaliatory actions taken against him for speaking out on the inhumane injustices that plagues our state.

      We have come to know Robert Earl as “Kinetic Justice”, which seems to be a fitting name from the looks of how things have taken off across the nation.

    Webster defines the adjective kinetic as an energy “of or relating to the movement of physical objects”. 

       From the looks of things there’s definitely no question that the momentum is still going regardless of the fact the administration continues to attempt to break the spirit of the movement.