Many people are asking the question: “what’s next?” The answer is quite simple. We only have one source of true political power as a collective from behind these walls, and that is a shutdown. Everyone can’t vote. Everyone can’t afford a lawyer. But we all can unit for a shutdown.

When this Movement started back in 2013, the four pillars that were determined to be the Achilles’s Heel of the entire US prison system were:

1) Work strikes

2) Boycotts (canteen, store, and incentive packages)

3) Protest (by family members), and

4) Social media campaigns

Deployment of these methods over an extended period of time, and at enough facilities at the same time, will destroy ANY prison system. However, this formula was lacking in one critical aspect: how and when to deploy this attack strategically relative to the system we are fighting.

Time rewards those who persist til the end. With the September 26 #shutdownADOC2022 demonstration, the final nail has hit the coffin. We now have the formula and it’s real clear.

The Governor’s election is the biggest election for the state of Alabama. Alabama will elect a new Governor on November 8, 2022. Obviously, we need to be active at this time, for many reasons. Quite obviously, the availability of media in the election media cycle will give us just the platform we need to complete Phase 2 and get our message out into the political sphere where state legislatures have to pay attention to our issues.

However, the timing aspect of the Governor’s race is only a prelude to the death blow. That, of course, would be the legislative session that follows the Governor’s election.

This year, the 2023 Alabama Legislative Session kicks off March 7, 2023. It’s a no-brainer what we have to do at that time: #statewideshutdown2023. Our organizers have to beat the ground at the work releases and honor camps.

Since we have demands that requires legislative action, we have to leverage our political activity during the session. A Bill must be pre-filed by January 17, 2023, if we have intentions of getting it passed during the session. There is much work to do, but everyone needs to be able to see the progress and know where the finish line is.

We already have support from multiple legislators already, but we need to have our Bill drafted to encompass our specific issues.We are on time and on course. We have to have a clear path to follow, and leaders at every prison around the State should be able to see and understand the mission, and lead the people accordingly.

On September 26, over 15,000 people stood up for freedom in the Alabama prison system. That’s 10,000+ new soldiers, warriors and generals to the ranks who had NEVER participated in a shutdown before. Most of them didn’t know they would be challenged by the ADOC at the core of our most basic human need: food. This is a real struggle against a system that is well funded and has been in existence for over 100 years. We gotta act like we want freedom, and move with the understanding that that will be a test of your will and spirit to achieve something great.

Understand the mission brother and sisters. A call has been made for us to stand again. We cannot miss our assignment and expect change.

Dare to struggle, dare to win.

. . . to be continued


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