If Beth Shelburne thinks that her strategic use and exploitation of a Black man who was murdered by Alabama Department of Corrections officers, Mr. Michael Smith, in her latest article is enough to quell our demand for an apology to Black mother Ms. Gabrielle Evans, for the anti-Black, racist, and disrespect that was shown towards her on July 15, 2020, think again !!!

Beth Shelburne exploits the death of a Black man, Mr. Michael Smith, with tokenism and “Blackface” reporting in her latest article as demands for apology grows. Photo Credit: Montgomery Advertiser.

  This past week, FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT also had to check another reporter, Melissa Brown, one of Beth’s colleagues and good friend, for using coded, racially divisive language during her coverage of the death of U. S. Rep. John Lewis. Ms. Brown immediately acknowledged the correctness of FAM’s complaint about her racially insensitive reporting, issued an apology, and deleted her post.


  FAM was alerted to this post after it was spotted on Beth Shelburne’s page. Beth was sharing the offensive post while asking others to “listen” to Ms. Brown.

ACLU’s Beth Shelburne fanning the flames of racist and divisive language.


Despite the fact that Ms. Brown acknowledged her comments as racially insensitive and inappropriate, and deleted the post, Beth Shelburne refuses to remove her post sharing the comment.

Thus, on the same day that the U.S. and the world mourned the death of a fighter for social and racial justice, and the same day that Alabama State Rep. Dismukes was attending a KKK celebration that had the media up in arms, the ACLU’s Beth Shelburne was caught promoting racially divisive, coded language that has been used historically to try to keep the Black community divided, weakened, and incapable of uniting in order to fight back against Jim Crow racism and violent attacks by the KKK. This is the “good trouble” that Honorable John Lewis spoke of in life, which was disparaged by Melissa and Beth, but which Melissa apologized for, and removed.

As for Beth’s “BLACKFACE” article, she merely rehashes information that is already available to the public and which incarcerated activist, including members of FAM, have reported on for years, sheds no new light on the situation. Furthermore, Beth parrots almost verbatim the words that several other Alabama journalist have already wrote concerning the DOJ report.

Beth’s article REEKS of pandering to the Black community for her previous anti-Black, disrespectful insult towards Black mother Ms. Gabrielle Evans. That’s not an apology, that’s adding insult to injury.

Learn more here:

Another point worthy of note is that, just as is glaringly missing from the DOJ report, Beth and other members of the media continue to protect the names of the officers who commit these crimes. Not a single one of the officers were identified in Beth’s story.

The criminal acts mentioned in the DOJ investigative report were committed by individuals; the Black community is waiting for names, not more rehased stats. Everything else in Beth’s article has already been spoken on. If no new light is being shed on the matter, what are we doing ?????? I’ll tell you what: pandering and attempting to placate and play on the intelligence of the Black community.

Another red flag of this suspect reporting can be gleamed from the fact Beth took great pains to point out the earnings of ADOC attorneys who are making millions defending ADOC against allegations of abuse, torture, terror and murder. Yet, Beth fails to note or even issue a disclaimer pointing out the fact that her own employer, the ACLU, has also robbed taxpayers for over a million dollars in litigation against ADOC. Beth makes no mention of this – frankly, because this is where Beth earns her check.

Moreover, the ACLU is not the only non-profit “pain-pimping,” money-extorting group of non-profit attorneys robbing Alabama taxpayers for millions through bogus prison litigation. As FAM founder and spokesperson Bennu Hannibal Ra-Sun pointed out in a 2016 video, Southern Poverty Law Center has cashed not one, but two, million-dollar checks in the past 3-plus years; but, as the DOJ Investigative report points out, with no results.

See video here:

Southern Poverty Law Center filed a 3-part class-action lawsuit against ADOC back in 2015. This lawsuit has been settled one claim at a time, with the third claim still pending. After each settlement phase, which SPLC collected appx. 1,000,000.00 USD at a time, SPLC has went so far as to allow the ADOC to be relieved of admitting to any wrongdoing.

SPLC allows the criminal enterprise ADOC to stipulate to no wrongdoing in exchange for millions of dollars in attorneys fees – $0.00 for the clients — while lives were lost.

Despite the release of liability by SPLC, Beth cites to the DOJ report in her lame “BLACKFACE” story, which clearly shows that the ADOC is guilty as sin. This is not unbiased reporting that we are receiving from Beth Shelburne.

Why didn’t Beth call out her employer and the other non-profit attorneys for their “pain-pimping” taxpayer-extorting million-dollar litigation tactics?

Southern Center for Human Rights collected 10’s of thousands in this litigation, but again, the settlement absolved ADOC of any wrongdoing

Let’s not forget that Equal Justice Initiative and Brian Stevenson did the exact same thing. EJI filed its class-action lawsuit against ADOC and St. Clair prison back in 2016. EJI settled for $ 600,000.00, the same amount Beth complains about for ADOC attorneys in her article. Brian Stevenson and EJI also allowed the ADOC to be absolved of all liability. And check this out: soon after Brian Stevenson and EJI entered into their $600,000.00 settlement, they began sending letters into the prisons stating that their settlement wasn’t being complied with, which means more litigation, more taxpayer fraud, more money for the pain pimps, but no results for the victims.

Notice how the EJI attorney uses the term “ADOC promised” instead of stating that the ADOC reached a $600,000.00 settlement to fix the deadly situation at St. Clair.

The only thing happening is millions of dollars in attorneys fees changing hands, while the people who are being injured, beaten, and murdered aren’t seeing one penny in compensation. And it is our attorneys who are making sure that we receive nothing in these settlements:

Southern Poverty, or more appropriate, Southern Pimps Law Center and all the others routinely enters into settlements where they  demand that their Black, poor and battered clients don’t receive one penny for state-violence, police brutality and police murder. Economic Racism

Meanwhile, the conditions inside of Alabama prisons continue to get worse. If you don’t believe that Beth Shelburne and her employer, ACLU and the rest of these non-profits are only about exploiting taxpayers for millions of dollars in attorneys fees, consider this:

Steven Smith was beaten to death at Donaldson Prison last year. Back in 2012 when the Southern Center for Human Rights settled their litigation with ADOC, many of the recommendations in that settlement mimic the recommendations you see in the DOJ report.

See: “Hicks v. Hetzel | Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse”

Click link to see full settlement


The reason why these issues are never resolved is because when the ACLU and other non-profit orgs. collect their fraudulent attorneys fees financial settlements where their poor clients receive nothing, they take the money and run. They don’t stick around to provide oversight to insure that the settlement terms are complied with. Also, the liability waivers that they routinely extend to the ADOC mean just that: the ADOC has done nothing wrong, so they have no real duty to fix anything. It’s all a money game.

Beth Shelburne, you can produce all the stories in Blackface that you like and think no one will notice what you are doing all you want. Just keep trying to deflect and play on the pain and suffering of hurt families. That age-old ante-bellum trick isn’t going to cut it with FAM. Not even blocking FAM from your account to try to silence our demand for an apology will help you.

Your anti-Black, racist, hurtful and disrespectful treatment  towards Ms. Evans, who had not even buried her child when you violated her in the most egregious and offensive way, won’t be soon forgotten. “Blackface” reporting ain’t fooling nobody no mo’. We are hip to every trick racism has.

  You, Rhonda Brownstein, Maria Morris, the law firm Zanzaur, Mujundar, & Debrosse, Southern Center for Human Rights, EJI, Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, and all the rest are naught but  pain-pimps cashing checks.

More Phase 2 settlement figures, all from 2017 alone:

$250.00.00 (SPLC)
$ 60,000.00 (SPLC)
$195.00 per hour monitoring fee, plus $200,000.00 more for filing motions. Southern Pimps Law Center has the game down pat.

$ 330,000.00, plus $ 18,000.00 per year
$230,000.00 more for the snakes.

Beth Shelburne, those from the Black community that you are entangled with like #AbolishRepEngland, and all others who refuse to denounce your disgusting, racist anti-Black and hateful acts and join this demand for an apology to our courageous Queen Ms. Gabrielle Evans, will be called out.

FAM demands social, racial, economic, political, and, among other things, fair justice. Not as a slogan but as a way of life.



Ms. Sandra Ray on the Right. Ms. Gabrielle Evans on the Left.

  When I first saw the Tweet I was immediately offended.

  I also immediately responded to it because I recognized it for what it is. Being exposed to racism and consciously fighting against it, opens ones eyes to the subtle slights and nuances when confronted with it.

  Black people are used to this type of racial discriminations when we see them. We know these tigers by their stripes well. We also know that they hate FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT and how this hatred keeps them away from us and our Movement against prison slavery. Their hate sometimes forces them to reveal their hand at times and in circumstances when they can’t help themselves. Nevertheless, their hatred, mixed with their racism will always find outlets for expression. It rips their own mask off, even when we know it was already there.

  July 15, 2020, was just the latest example. On that day, FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT was supporting another grassroots organizer, Rev. Sankey and Sis. Kim in the fight against oppression on Black people. Like FAM, Rev. Sankey doesn’t have the watered down message that others have. Like FAM, Rev. Sankey doesn’t tap dance to White Supremacy. Instead,we confront it and call it out when we see it. This means that our access to many media platforms to deliver our message is denied. We are locked out by institutional racism and the individuals who enforce it. In spite of these obstacles, we sojourn on. We simply have to grind harder to get our message out about our oppression as well as our oppressors.

  Thamkfully, for that protest, Rev. Sankey and Sis. Kim were able to reach our Sister  Ms. Gabrielle Evans. This amazing, strong and courageous Black Queen appeared on stage and delivered a message of pain, loss, courage and Black love for her son just four days after losing her 31 year-old him in an Alabama Death Camp. At the time, she was still planning her son’s funeral.

Laveris Evans was killed by systematic racism and genocide.

  Ms. Evans shared the stage that day with Ms. Sandra Ray, whose son Stephen died in 2019 in another Alabama Death Camp. Ms. Ray, though, is white. She is also the media darling and go-to person for white media personalities like Beth Shelburne. While they would never cover our events, they keep close tabs on their own. That’s how this story unfolded. Beth Shelburne was trying to support a white woman but without supporting a Black organization.

  It was this racist motive to support a white woman and to uplift the story of the white life that was lost, that equated into a difference in the way that these women were shown respect by Beth Shelburne. It took me back in history to the time when Black women were treated as less than animals by medical professionals like Dr. James Marian Sims, a story I included in my response to Beth’s racist Tweet. Dr. Sims is one of the physician who used to perform major surgical experiments on Black women without using anaesthesia because white supremacists ideology premises that Black women did not feel pain.

I thought about my own Black Mother. I contemplated how it made me feel just imagining if it were me instead of Laveris who was dead, and my Beautiful Queen and Black Mother was standing next to a white Mother who had also lost her son, and my Mom was treated with this level of disrespect and disregard. I felt rage at that moment because this same system that took Laveris’ life – and Steven’s — has also tried to take my life for fighting to reunite families just like Ms. Evans and young Black men just like her son back together. I know that racist like Beth Shelburne who have no respect for the pain and love of Black Mothers like Ms. Evans would have handled my Mom the exact same way.

Undoubtedly a Glorious Black Queen

I will defend the pain, the respect, the love and devotion of Black Mothers the World over. Black mothers feel the same sting of death as any other mother. It is not okay for Beth Shelburne or anyone to take liberties to try to highlight one life over another based on the color of skin. BLACK LIVES MATTER and BLACK MOTHERS MATTER too.

  In the midst of a protest that was attended my a majority of Black people, Beth Shelburne took the liberty and exercised her white privilege to elevated the life and loss of white Mother over a Black Mother. These Mothers literally occupied the EXACT same space, yet Beth Shelburne chose to separate them by race. This is unacceptable.

Sharing the same stage, literally standing in the same space.

An apology is DEMANDED !!! ACLU must DEMAND that their employee apologize for this racist disregard for Ms. Evans and Mr. Evans. Black Lives Matter is not a slogan to everyone.



p. s. For those who may want to try to defend these racist actions of Beth Shelburne, I ask you where were you when it was time to defend Ms. Gabrielle Evans and the life of her son?