#ParoleWatch2021 Press Statement

February 3, 2021


On Saturday, April 3, 2021, the National Freedom Movement, in conjunction with other organizers, organizations, activists and advocates from around the US are joining the call to action for a 1,000,000 Families For Parole Rally at Parole Boards, Dept. of Corrections Headquarters, and/or State Capitols in states across the country.

America’s parole system is broken and failing to respond to the humanitarian crisis taking place in prisons across the country, leaving countless lives in danger. In the midst of a global pandemic and a humanitarian crisis throughout US jails, prisons and other places of incarceration, Parole Boards are guilty of exacerbating the crisis by denying parole due to bad parole laws and for political and financial reasons.

To bring our loved ones home, and for real change to occur, we must unite across the nation and demand changes to this broken and ineffective parole system. Federal parole must be reinstated, a mandatory parole criteria must be implemented nationwide to justify the billions of tax dollars being spent for “corrections”, an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic has to be immediately instituted to save lives, and, among other demands, a 3-year limit on parole supervision must be implemented so that people who have successfully integrated back into society can get their lives back.

Participating states thus far include Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, New York, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and California.

Anyone interested in participating in this event or assisting in the planning and organizing should contact us immediately at:


Event registration

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