More negligence at Elmore correctional facility that allows more violence.

Inside the dorms of Elmore prison.

October 14,2016

At approximately 8:44, two officers at Elmore Correctional Facility confront an inmate outside a dorm. An altercation between the inmate and officers transpire leading Capitan McGee to call a code for assistance.

Once the code was called all officers left there post to respond. In the mean time another incident occurs inside one of the now un-manned dormitories. The unsupervised incident resulted in more unnecessary blood shed caused by a stabbing inside one of the dorms recently searched by ADOC employees earlier this week.

Alabama Department of Corrections has rules and regulations that require that at all times an officer is to man a post, even during codes for assistance. However Elmore correctional facility has been notorious for ignoring and cutting corners of these rules and regulations. 

 Again we ask the question, how many bodies do you want?

4 thoughts on “More negligence at Elmore correctional facility that allows more violence.

  1. My son was jump on Christmas day by 7-9 guys have not got talk to him since christmas call from one his friends from Elmore that evening said he got jump my son hollow said call mom he did so never heard anything else from him. call Elmore said I had talk captain or warden I did they would not tell me nothing. said they was not aloud to tell weeks went on then my son ask this guy he would call let me no he was at Saton in hospital that was 2 weeks ago. I still have not got talk him or visit him can not find out nothing.the guy said he has crack skull,broke nose,gash over right eye, black swollen eyes.Guy said he had go to see outside doctor.but he is in fear of his life they are so much racial in Elmore I see it ever time I go on visitation I have not seen my son since 12-18-2016 not talk him but 1 time since Christmas.i wish I new who I could talk to get something done about this he has 3 kids 21,13,9 I don’t no what tell the 9 yrs old she daddy girl I have cried with the girls by myself he is scared they going kill him he in fear off his life and so am I.please let me no what I can do I won’t see him so bad did not won’t give his name never no who see this won’t keep it private


  2. My name is Betty Falls I am the mother of Johnny Dewayne Falls on Christmas day I talk my son that morning that afternoon guy call me told me that he seen Johnny going down in cuff Johnny hollow said call mom I’m going lock up.well I no rules of lock up .It was week and half I got a call they said Johnny ask him call the hole time he was in Santon in hosptial.i have tried call find out about him I talk to few nice then some offer one .They was 79 jump him fracture skull,cut over eye broke nose they can’t tell me nothing about him Elmore need be shut down it not fitten for inmate escape the one thank they bad lot of racial big time.this iall I’m going write if eny one no who I can get in touch some one that can get me information who I need talk to tks.


    • Start with Commissioner Jeff Dunn..the local FBI in your state..Equal Justice.. and your attorney if you have one..someone told me to contact civil rights movement but I haven’t contacted them yet but I have everyone else.
      It’s very frustrating because one wants to pass the responsibility to someone else..but keep on be consistent until you get the answers you need..and yes Elmore needs to be shUT down completely. .


  3. That facility is out of control..Someone needs to go inside and do a lot of son is there and was stripped to his boxers handcuffed and shackled and beaten by the guard’s with the baton on the handcuffs they had on to tight..I talked to him 2 days after the incident and he still had no feeling in his arm.I have tried to get the warden for a week and half leaving numerous messages and he still will not return my call..I have called Montgomery and they say there is nothing they can do..My son was beaten because he would not snitch on someone..if you snitch you get killed by the inmates if you don’t you get beat by the guards. These prisoners still have right’s and are still human son is in on a probation violation for not reporting..he is addict and didn’t report because he was dirty..but his judge gave hiI’m several chances for rehab beforeally she violated him..but he has nevery had any violent or escape I don’t know why a doc would put him in one of the worst facilities in the state.. Another inmate sent me pics from a cell phone of my son after they beat him In the shift office and said there was inmates who witensed it but was afraid to say anything but 2 of them said they would be a witness when they were released..I have heard from inmates that ha e been released from there that there is more drugs In there than on the street also if you had lots of money you can buy cell phones witch the guards bring in..When is something going to be a done about the abuse these inmates deal with…I myself will not stop till something is done..everybody needs to contact the FBI…Egual Justice..Governor Bentley. …and Jeff Dunn the commissioner over Elmore…maybe someone will step up..I’m honestly afraid for my son’s safety I have all documentations but that won’t help my son if something happens to him..


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