The Alabama Department of Corrections scrambling to cover their neglect!

(Maintenance replacing broken security cameras with new ones)

October 13,2016

Inside of one of the most violent prisons of Alabama the administration scrambles to correct a number of Constitutional and Alabama regulation violations.

       Today we received hard core evidence that the maintenance teams at Elmore were activated once again this week to start “fixing”the many things that the Department of Justice plans to investigate. Specifically issues in relations to the conditions, safety, and violence.

    However it’s been documented with irrefutable evidence that they are now trying to fix or correct these issues in order to claim it’s always been up to par and in compliance standards set by Alabama’s own rules and regulations as well as governing case law that set the standards for 8th and 14th Amendment violations under the United States Constitution.

     It’s also been reported that the Alabama Department of Corrections has taken retaliatory actions toward Robert Earl Council ,(Kinetic Justice), co-founder of the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT, and nation wide strike, due to his participation in exposing the many injustices that corrupt our prison and justice system. Robert Earl Council was transferred from Holman Correctional Facility yesterday after being harassed and threatened by ADOC employees associated with the Departments CERT team.

    It is believed that council was removed from Holman and placed at Kilby Correctional Facility to silence the movement. But it has seemed to have back fired on the ADOC.

     Members and supporters of the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT, and UNHEARD VOICES stated,”…..these actions can only make Kinetic’s voice that much louder, and we expected such a move.”

     More and more evidence is being accumulated daily as the groups persistently fight to expose governor Robert Bentley and leaders of the Alabama Department of Corrections.UNHEARD VOICES founder stated,”I’ve been waiting and preparing for this moment for years, they’re coming no doubt but the thing to remember is they’re not our allies. If anything they’re the government and will side with Alabama unless we put before them indisputable evidence of the things we say are going on. We can’t be half cocked with only bare allegations.I’ve got numerous things up my sleeve I’ve yet disclosed, so now I’m just waiting.”

         Free Alabama Movement & UNHEARD VOICES


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