What is the Alabama Department of Corrections covering up, and is the media helping?

October 14,2016

On or about September 2,2016 it was learned that Eric Conrad,a convict housed at Draper Correctional Facility in Elmore county died a horrible death while serving punishment time in what’s wildly known as 5 up. However there has been no media coverage about this murder at Draper. And although family members of Eric Conrad have confirmed the demise of their loved one, Alabama Department of Corrections spokes person Bob Horton has declined comment as well as employees at Draper Correctional Facility.

   Further more it has been leaked by individuals at Ventress Correctional Facility yesterday that also last month another murder took place at that facility and was not covered by the media.The name of this unfortunate lost life is still unknown, but the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT, and members of UNHEARD VOICES say their source at Ventress Correctional Facility is working to get that individuals name.

   Once again Alabama’s employees are tight lipped and refuse to comment to us on the subject.

    These incidents going unreported to the public are beyond unethical, but are nothing less than a cover up from the tax payers of Alabama.

    The question is however, is the Alabama Department of Corrections covering things on their own or is the media in on the cover-up as well here in Alabama? 

    If you have any information on either incident reported above please contact the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT or UNHEARD VOICES O.t.c.j. 

              UNHEARD VOICES


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