This is not the first time that the ADOC administration has sought to stop positive programs from being implemented. At St. Clair, a program called Convicts Against Violence was founded by Mr. Earl “Tyrese” Taylor in efforts to stop violence at this prison. At the time, this was the only program that offered any type of educational and mentoring classes in the dorms that house the majority of young black men.

The success of this program in stopping violence and educating these men cannot be disputed because ADOC’s own record prove that violence was down to all-time low levels, and class enrollment was over 98%.
But crime pays and racism persists in Alabama, and when Black people start creating solutions to problems like illiteracy, violence, drug addictions, mentoring and leadership classes for misdirected gang members, conflict resolution and mediation, then these programs come under attack. At first, a “noose” was hung in L-2/ C.A.V. dorm by racist staff along with a message to “kill” all “niggers”.

Here is Part 1 of this series.

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