Learn, Lead, Live

By Punkin Stewart
Don’t allow my failures or the next person’s failures to become urs. Learn from their mistakes an become great. U can do all things cause it’s within ur power cause u see a group of people over there an it appear that they is winning, don’t follow the crowd unless u know 4 certain that they is winning the right. Be a leader, be ur own person, don’t never allowing the next person moves dictate ur moves unless they moves is great 4 u an what u is building. Just my thoughts.

Do You See What I Cee?

My VISION was crafted for me to SEE what I SEE, not what you SEE. If I SEE what you SEE, then I’m not being me. . .CEE. SEE, Garter “G” told me that that would BE “double-minded consciousness.”I can’ SEE that being ME. . . CEE.
Peace, Ra(y) Sun 7