Attorneys’ Fees, But No Compensaiton For The Iincarcerated: ACLU Continues to Reap Millions While the Suffering of the Incarcerated Continues

Their litigation never produces sustained results; they always include “more police” in their settlements; they have a policy to NEVER sue for damages for the people who suffered injuries:

“Over the years, story after story of the violence inside the Idaho Correctional Center emerged. The prison, which was dubbed “Gladiator School,” has been the subject of multiple lawsuits around the widespread brutality and violence, much of which was deliberately allowed by prison staff as a management tool. In 2010, the ACLU filed a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of prisoners against prison officials and the CCA. The suit highlighted 24 cases of assaults that occurred between 2006 and 2010. The following year, CCA settled with the ACLU, agreeing to changes around staffing and safety. However, violence and lawsuits continued.”