Photos of FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT Friends and Family at KELLY INGRAM PARK, 8-23-2014

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FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT Rally @ St.Clair 7-10-2014

MARCH-7-10-14 ST.CLAIR-1 MARCH-7-10-14 ST.CLAIR-2 MARCH-7-10-14 ST.CLAIR-3 MARCH-7-10-14 ST.CLAIR-4 MARCH-7-10-14 ST.CLAIR-5 MARCH-7-10-14 ST.CLAIR-6 MARCH-7-10-14 ST.CLAIR-7

THE MOVEMENT IS MOVING: Are You Standing Still Or In Kinetik Motion? By Kinetik Justice Amun

By Kinetik Justice Amun

When you proclaim to be or you’re striving to be RIGHTEOUS and you see something thats not RIGHT & EXACT you have 2 options- You either do something about it or You support those that are doing something about it. If you see something wrong and choose neither one of those options- you’re plastic and when the FLAME gets turned up, you’ll melt and puddle like snow. FREE THE FAM 3! UHURU AU KIFO

By Kinetik Justice Amun

The willful denial and intentional deprivation of the Human & Civil Rights of one person is WRONG. The systematic denial and institualized deprivation of over 52,OOO peoples Human & Civil Rights is PURE EVIL. To Stand Up to and Challenge such a System is to commit yourself to a Righteous Cause. FREE ALABAMA FREE MISSISSIPPI UNITED – THE MOVEMENT IS A RIGHTEOUS CAUSE. So link up and join us as we fight for the FREEDOM JUSTICE & HUMANE TREATMENT OF OVER 52,OOO HUMAN BEINGS.