UPDATE: Imagine Torture At Donaldson

The Donaldson 4

Imagine being in an Alabama prison with a severe mental health illness. Imagine being raised in foster care. Imagine your Mother being deceased. Imagine being tortured because they knew you had no one to call. Imagine every time you heard a code being called either you were being beaten or someone in your metal health unit was being beaten. Imagine not taking your mental health medicine because no one cared if you took it or not. Imagine hearing a code and being afraid and not knowing what to do. Imagine being beaten unconscious. Imagine being dragged to a medical infirmary only to be beaten some more. Imagine someone seeing you being beaten and their human impulse and empathy compels them to scream “Stop, please.” Imagine your help being beaten without mercy. Imagine your help being dragged out by his feet, face down. Imagine a trial of blood. Imagine the victims and the abusers all being Black. Imagine chemicals being sprayed. Imagine being beaten just because. If you can’t imagine these things, then you have no idea who the Donaldson 4 are. Do something NOW !! What is going on at Donaldson and around the State of Alabama is unimaginable.

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