Answer that Collect Phone Call, and Save A Life !!

During the holiday season something as simple as accepting a collect phone call may save a life. It is well documented that during holidays people in prison are more vulnerable to suicides, drug overdose, and other acts of self harm. We miss our families. We remember growing up in these moments and the feelings and experiences that we shared while surrounded by family.

Being separated and knowing that we are missing out on these interactions is depressing, and this depression is added onto an already toxic, hopeless and difficult situation. So if you a fortunate enough to receive a call from a loved one who is incarcerated, please take the call. Remind them that they are still loved and not forgotten, and take a picture or share something that lets them know that their place or spot is still reserved for them.

You never know, but that little gesture may save a little few.

Enjoy your holidays. Free Alabama Movement

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