By Kinetik Justice Amun

Who would invest in the incarceration of other people if only crime, punishment and correcting individuals was the purpose?
By most historical accounts, from the inception of dominating, controlling -incarcerating- enslaving people there has been a central theme to extract their labor or steal their resources.

Today is absolutely no different. There is so much talk about crime rates, rehabilitation programs, etc. But underneath all of the rhetorical statistics, the real dialogue is purely economical.
Prisons are “Cash Cows” and the Cows look just like you.
Stop evaluating the current crisis through the lens of Humanity, Justice, Right & Wrong, if you truly want to understand Mass Slavery /Incarceration.
Look at from a pure Economical perspective –
Try Chattel Slavery… From a Moral and Humanity perspective it was wrong, some even agreed that it was evil. However, from a strictly economical position, a Capitalist HEAVEN-FREE LABOR MEANS A LOT OF FREE MONEY

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