#PEACE&UNITY: Media, Non-Profits and Others Silent on Call to Stop Violence in Alabama prisons


One day after FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT calls for peace and unity in the Alabama prison system, several people were injured in incidents of violence. We continue to call for a Truce and an agreement amongst all Tribes and street organizations to work for peace and unity, over self-destruction. I cannot say it any plainer, we are killing each other, thereby killing ourselves.
FAM also wants to point out to everyone that some of those people who many of us consider as our allies in this bottomless pit, the very ones who like to condemn the violence that takes places in the prisons, especially those in the news media, have declined to highlight or publish this call to end violence. Ditto for the non-profits and others who are profiting off the slave empire.
Don’t be deceived my brothers and sisters. We have to be our own best advocates. The system of white supremacy and Black genocide work hand in hand, and those who make a living or profit from it will never collaborate with us to stop the slaughter. Nevertheless, we can do it ourselves ❗❗❗

Stop the Violence in the Alabama prisons and let’s save our communities.

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