Re Post @rebelusionary on IG

There was a pro police rally at Eisenhower Park. I won’t even touch the vile racist nonsense coming from them as they don’t need any more attention.

I went to the counter protest event hosted by BWBU (Black White Brown United) and can I just say how tired I am of people hijacking movements? I applaud BWBU’s plan and I love the idea of keeping our backs to the people shouting at us and allowing them to reveal their character without our assistance.

The protest was supposed to be silent, there was a strategy and a purpose. I wasn’t aware of this until about 5 minutes into marching but as soon as I was informed, I adjusted accordingly. Maybe there are other ways to do it but this is what was planned by those hosting the protest. I repeatedly reminded people that we were not supposed to engage directly with any of the people on the other side but to no avail. People (mostly [color redacted]) were shouting nonsensical insults and undermining the strategic direct action that was planned. This is my own intuition and not to be taken as a stated fact however I suspect that there were people marching with us that were not really *with us*.
I even witnessed a Super enfranchised person getting dangerously close and shouting at a Black cop for aligning with their oppressors. Now I agree that cop is most definitely a house n***o but it is NOT the place of a ⚪️ person to shout obscenities at them about their internalized colonial complexion supremacy.

All that’s needed is one wrong move for things to go left. By recklessly antagonizing the police, you are putting Black and Brown lives in danger so you might as well put that sign down because clearly you don’t understand what it means.

To people considering themselves an “Ally”:

If you can’t follow the direction of Black people leading the movement,stay home.

If you don’t know how to respect a space that isn’t yours, stay home.

If you think you are swooping in as some kind of privilege-wielding Super Hero to save the day with us as your magical negro sidekicks, please stay home.

If you care more about your own fragile ego than advancing the agenda of those directly impacted, stay the F home.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk ✊🏾

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