Public Service announcement for K.Ivey and her heartless unprofessional and careless administration, an inmate has died today at St. Clair correctional facility because of your lack of effort to protect those that are incarcerated and unable to protect themselves from this virus. One more thing, I have a declaimer for the mask and other ppe that the public is being misinformed about, their not in any prisons! Your taxpayers and voters think they are in, nor is anything being provided to inmates for their protection, and the federal law of social distancing is a joke in the unconstitutionally overcrowded facilities you preside over as the head of this state. Some of your voters have family incarcerated too, I pray that their vote next election will not be in your favor! It’s truly sad that the leadership and how it came into power by exposing former governor Bentley and his darkness, ironically resides in that same cess pool of racism, historical mass incarceration, and the habitual behaviors of traditions that were only designed with one race of people in mind( Former governor G. Wallace made a declaration that I’m sure you remember very well, segregation now, tomorrow, and forever”). Now someone will comment outta ignorance will say “oh he’s playing the ” race card” lol well friend when it’s the only card you’re been giving and it’s been the determining factor for over four hundred yrs of oppression, hatred, hardship, inequality, and systematic mass murders and incarceration even to this day, what other choice do you have being a woman or man of color? This doesn’t apply to all whites, just those who support and demonstrate White Supremacy through laws and the justice system here in the Alabama.

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