Post by Scott Frye on Facebook

Just got a call from an inmate/friend in the faith dorm in Ventress Correctional Facility. They had a stabbing. This has not hit the media yet. Supposedly, one guy bled out before the Lifeflight arrived. They say it is getting worse by the day. The CERT team or “Goon squad” is there shaking down with the Sheriff trying to find the knives. Evidently there were a couple of free world knives in there. 3 officers have given up their keys and quit. He wanted to get this to me in case something happens to him. I guess this goes along with Judge Cobb’s post of trying to get the Governor to step up and release folks. We actually have a solution to protect public safety and allow inmates a safe release at a fraction of the cost. I have a mobile app called ARComply and also an electronic monitoring bracelet system which we are using with various judges and offenders. Actually, there is a law on the books that all you attorneys who are my Facebook friend need to be filing habeas corpus or certiorari’s on sect. 15-22-26.2 which states that inmates can or “SHALL” be released up to 24 months early to their EOS or end of sentence dates as long as they are on intense supervision with Alabama Bureau of Pardons & Paroles–it does say “SHALL” so it is not a review process and I have let the Commissioner know but due to the COVID-19 scare, it seems ADOC is not doing anything right now.

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