A mental health worker at St. Clair prison tested positive for the COVID 19 virus last week. As is now, we don’t know many mental health patients she came into contact with. What we do know is that no testing has been done. Also, we know that two additional correctional officers have taken off and that one nurse exhibited symptoms but ultimately tested negative.
So far, no testing has been done. ADOC is conducting temperature checks for officers entering the prison for each shift but no such testing is being down for those incarcerated. Also, while several officers have been seen sporting protective masks and gloves, no protection of any kind is being offered to the incarcerated population.

In addition, we are unaware of the impact that this positive test has had on the surrounding community, as ADOC staff routinely stop as convenience stores and local businesses prior to reporting to work. We don’t know if ADOC has alerted local establishment that this mental health worker may have visited.
We will update this post as further details emerge as well as update actions that are being planned to protect the lives of everyone potentially effected by this situation.

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