​Prisoner Hatred: The Psychology of Justified Torture in America        2/11/17

Millions of Americans are currently being held in modern day concentration camps on American soil. We call them “prisons”. Prisons are being ran “for profit” and have become torture chambers and “legalized” slave labor camps. Similar to Germany during the Nazi regime, Americans have been “trained” through media sources to look the other way, continue in complacency, mind our own business, and remain apathetic. We have naively believed whatever they, the prisoners, receive, they deserve. 
In an ego driven society, where personal gain and self preservation is cherished above consideration of our neighbors, whether we know them or not, projection, scapegoating, and superiority are the “ego defenses” used most often when directing hatred toward prisoners. It is how we justify the torture of millions of people, whether they are guilty or innocent. We do not stop to consider the aspects of “guilt versus innocence”, “crime”, or “authority”. 
In order to justify the torture of millions of people, held in these modern day concentration camps, called prisons, we project onto them everything we hate about ourselves (projection). Whatever quality of ourselves that we “secretly” hate, we see it perfectly in prisoners. Therefore, we believe, “whatever they receive, they deserve”. 
Even as we project our self hatred onto a group of people we deem as worthy of hatred, we say to ourselves, they deserve to die, or be tortured, or suffer, or be locked in a cage for the rest of their lives, they are less than human (scapegoating). We become sadistic abusers. 
And after all, we are the “superior” group (superiority). We believe we deserve all good things and they don’t because they are less than human, less than deserving, less than worthy of love….etc. 
Because we blindly trust “authority” and are taught to “worship” “authority”, we do not consider if the prisoner is innocent or guilty by doing our own research of the “crime”. We really do not care; our ego needs someone to hate and blame. And, we do not consider if a “crime” was even committed at all, as in “conspiracy” charges. We continue to project, blame, and criticize. We do not consider what the “crime” is…again, we need somewhere to place our self hatred. 
We need someone or some group to be our “slave” so that we can keep up our superiority ideals. We need someone or some group to oppress so that we can feel good about our intelligence, our college degrees, our material  possessions. We need someone or some group to place our “hatred” so that we can continue our denial systems, our lack of accountability, our own slave mentality. 
“In Deep Love and Eternal Kindness”, 
Angela Clemons, LAC


  1. I see this. You make some very interesting points and connections. I am in utter respect for those inmates who are keeping ahold of their sanity. I know they are the few. It takes super human strength in order to do so. I have so much respect for them. Just to imagine having a top bunk a couple feet away from two 5 foot florescent lights, in a 6×10 cell that remains on from 4AM – 11pm throughout the week and even longer on the weekends. Regardless the weather, temperature, and need to lay down for a mid day nap. Your bunk, the only place where you can try to find some solitary, just a little… Not to mention living in constant sleep deprivation… water leaks, water contaminations, no hot water, constant doors slamming, watching others suffer, no razor for your ethnic type, your rec yard time routinely taken away from you, canteen prices jacked up, cafeteria food so bad the rats won’t eat it. Guards stand and laugh at them when they are caught outside in the rain, making them stay out there longer. Yet some have found the strength to love harder, be patient with family members, even be encouraging and caring… I think some of them are the absolutely strongest people I know.

    I would like to see the results of research studies on prison guards. They have to be… there has to be something wrong with them. They have to be psychologically effected by their role in this system. I doubt anyone could be that ‘off,’ crazy,’ and ‘sadistic’ before working in such a place… at least I certainly hope not. And they are able to turn off all that crazy on their way home?!?! Really? I don’t think so.

    Thank you for writing. Thank you for helping tell the story. Thank you for your search of justice for those who are unable to do so for themselves.

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