The death toll is on the rise in Alabama prisons. In addition, suicide rates are increasing. Despite these rises in preventable deaths, the voice of the family members of the living incarcerated members  remains fairly quiet, if not muted about the conditions and happening in Alabama prisons.

  As the lead voice on reform is Alabama, FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT receives messages from family members “after the fact” that their loved one has been harmed. Yet, when the warnings are sent out by FAM that something is amiss in the prisons and more vocal action and organizing is needed, the responses are usually negligible to non-existent. 

  The solution to these problems will require UNITY. WHY wait until a loved one is being carried out on a gurney or med flighted to a trauma center or hidden in a solitary cell incommunicado before deciding to reach out for assistance? 

  If you have a loved one is prison, NOW is the time to act, while they are still healthy, alive, and breathing on their own. Don’t wait until disaster strikes before deciding that you want to contact someone. Get involved in doing something that will bring your loved one home; don’t settle for a visit and incentive packages to bring comfort to a person who cannot know comfort in such deplorable conditions. 

  In appx. 45 days the Alabama legislature will be meeting to make decisions that will affect the lives of 30,000 families. The sad part is that the families are not organized in any meaningful way to have their voices heard, neither on the question of building new human warehouses, nor on the issue of using tax dollars to pay for it. 

  As one lawyer said last year, these people are planning to build a 1 billion dollar tomb to bury people alive in. If the family members don’t act, then it won’t be long before mothers and wives start buying flowers and caskets instead of shoe packages and Christmas packages. 





  1. Well I have a loved one in Elmore my rights was violated by the officer at visitation I got cussed called a black ads which the officer wanted to call me a nigga told me that’s why we wanted special visit cause I was bringing drugs in the facility I was not search nor proof I live in hopkinsville ky to drive 4 hours to get treated like this the female officer grab my arm didn’t give me my second visit called the warden he didn’t do anything something needs to be done I need help this happened in December he living foul I wanna help please someone help me


    • Holly Goodman,
      First you have to understand your rights. Dealing with a prison facility and the employees you have to remember you can hold them accountable for many things. Take for instance filling a complaint in Elmore county sheriff dept. For the female officer “grabbing” your arm. Then you can file a complaint with the state of Alabama personnel board on the individuals that cuss, and use racial slurs. Always remember your phone is a great way to document evidence such as witness testimony once you go back to the car. Document names of witnesses ect, and the incident.Always get the officers names.
      Oh and start recording every call you make to any prison administration.


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