Death defines the ADOC and its leaders, who sacrifice bodies for dollars. 

Over the past 20-plus months, since the violent attack of Mr. Xabrian by Lt. Ronald Carter at St. Clair CF, violent stabbings, police brutality, murders, suicides, and government heavy-handedness has gripped Alabama prison on a scale never seen before. 

    Carter committed suicide at Holman prison

  Peaceful protests have been organized both inside and outside of the prisons by various factions, including FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT.

   But, dispute the many pleas for leaders to step forward and address the many problems that plague Alabama prisons, no fundamental changes of any kind have been made within the ADOC. The sole response from the ADOC has been predictable: call in the CERT Team. 

 This special tactical unit is guilty of its own brand of police brutality. In one instance, ADOC officials put out a statement claiming that the CERT Team had been attacked. But FAM released videos (see Free Alabama Movement’s YouTube channel)  showing men who had been tortured, beaten and bloodied by the CERT Team, as they stood and admired their handy work. The lies of the ADOC were exposed, as not a single CERT Team member suffered any injury of any kind, not even a scratch. 

   This is but one of the man who were  beaten by the CERT 

  In the upcoming 2017 Alabama Legislative Session, some politicians and public officials will be asking for over 1 billion dollars to build new prisons in Alabama. These funds will be requested despite the current dysfunction of the prison system, and there will be no public oversight of these funding, nor will there be any unfettered access allowed  to the prisons by the press or public watchdog groups. 

    In addition, the main contributors to the dysfunction (overcrowding, outdated habitual offender laws, ineffective parole board) will not be addressed.

  Building new prisons may alleviate the overcrowding quota, but it will not alleviate the problem of mass imprisonment. Alabama, one of the smallest states in the US, currently has the fifth highest incarceration rate in the world.  In books like “Slavery By Another Name” and “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America”, we see how prisons have been used to re-enslave and disenfranchise Black and poor people, and we also see that human rights abuses have plagued Alabama prisons since the 1800’s. Underinvestment in education, rehabilitation and re-entry is a hallmark of Alabama prisons, which contributes to recidivism, violence, and corruption in the ADOC. 

  The next critical moment in this Movement must be geared towards promotion of FAM’s “FREEDOM BILL”(see on and exposing the nefarious intent of the corrupt officials who are plotting to steal 1.5 billion from taxpayers. The rhetoric of the struggle and all of the self-professed and self-righteous  is loud, but the organizing and mobilizing of the People around a solution and clear goals is woefully lacking in substance. 

  Where are you in the struggle for Freedom? 




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