Another report of assault to an inmate at Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore, Alabama.

October 25,2016

  It was reported by an inmate just moments ago that he witnessed inmate John Baker, who is housed at Elmore Correctional Facility in Elmore, Alabama being assaulted by C01 Barbers for speaking out on scripture from the bible.

      Inmate David (witness of the assault),reported said assault to an inmate activist that stays speaking out against the many injustices within Alabama’s prison.

     This act is a custom or policy among many officers within Alabama that has been denied for years. It will be interesting to see if this assault is denied when the assault took place in front of a security camera at Staton health care and fellow officers Herns.

      We ask that this incident be reported immediately to the Staton Correctional Facility warden #334-567-2221 and Elmore Correctional Facility warden at 334-567-1460.

          Unheard Voices O.T.C.J.


10 thoughts on “Another report of assault to an inmate at Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore, Alabama.

  1. Thank you so much for posting this article I am John Baker’s Wife and we have been sharing this all over Facebook
    So everyone can see this.Thank you for helping us shed light on the corruption going on in these Alabama prisons.
    God bless you.
    -Bonnie Baker


      • My son is there and can’t get any medical or mental health I am so worried he has threatened to kill his self tonight but nobody will help me they will send 1 call to the next 1 down the line until you are just listening to a phone ring on the other end…all the guards want is what the prisoners can give them if they have nothing then the prisoner gets NO help from any of the facility workers and ALL the workers there take up for each other who you going to believe a convict or “guard” …I’m so scared


  2. My name is Jackie Johnson and my son is incarcerate at Staton Correctional Facility and he needs help. He got himself in trouble because he is an addict and he owes money. Two officers beat him up the last week of Oct. One of the guard’s is bringing drugs in and giving it to drug runners and they are handing it out to the addicts on the front and when they can’t pay up the drug runner tell them they will beat them if they don’t pay so then they make them call their family members and they tell them they are going to beat him or kill them if they don’t pay for them .They harass and torment the family members.This guard brings phones in to and sell them to the inmates. I have at least ten phone numbers that are or have called and threating my sons life .. I have ask for them to move my son to isolation because I am in fear of My sons life .I have the guard’s names that beat my son .They tryed to cover it up by sending my son to Draper for one night and said inmates there beat him but I had two other inmates text me and said the two officers beat him Staton .. I have try to call the Warden back since Monday and he want call me back . I have called everyday ,every hour and even the Secretary want answer me . All I want is for some one to let me know what is going on with my son. He has to live in fear for his life every minute and I am so scared something is going to happen to him . Will you Please call me and help my son. His name is Bobby Renfroe AIS#245135. If you can’t help me ,do you no who I need to be talking to.


    • My family is going through this also. I’m afraid to put too much on here. We don’t know who to trust. Something horrible is going on at Staton


  3. I am having the same problem my brother is in fear for his life. Me and my family have called down there and when we talk to someone they tell us they will handle it but then when i talk to my brother he tells me the same office that told me he would help told my brother he was a b**** and didnt help him at all. It is getting so bad that my brother is trying to hurt himself. I can hear it in my brothers voice how scared he is when i talk to him and i have never heard my brother sound so scared. Usually my family and i would never post our business out public but we are so scared that something horrible is going to happen to my brother. Im not asking for help im begging for help if anyone can give me information on what to do please let me know. And maybe if everyone that is having the same problem can come together so our voices can be heard so something will get done. If anyone can help me with this please call me my name is Samantha Millraney my number is 423-364-0587 or please call my aunt if you cant reach me her name is Virginia Barton her number is 423-704-8128 its christmas time and instead of celebrating the holidays my family and i are worried to death about this situation. please help us…….


  4. My son has been in Bullock and on the 14th 3 officers beat him. They moved him to Easterling that night after stays and cleaning him up some. I need help,he’s scared for his life!

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    • The way to address these problems begins with exposing them. The issues affecting Alabama prisons are widespread and systemic. We have to organize has to be widespread also. Every family member who desires change needs to re-start our protests at these prisons statewide. Our complain about these problems won’t solve them, but our organizing and mobilizing will.


  5. My name is Betty falls I have a son in Elmore Prison on Dec.25 I talk my son that afternoon I got call from Buddy of his said he got in fight was going lock up.said he was I new he can’t call but come Tues I got call from cell phone.the guy said. He was at Staton hosp.Next to draper.So guy call told me My son needs pay pal card for 50 dollars.but told him till I talk him I’m not doing it.guy said he had gash on head both eyes swallow,mouth busted,crack skull, I only have one person count on at Saton that see him every day .My concern when he goes back Elmore they going put him back some where he was at some 2 that wires some that where the guys getting stab,jump on when u sleep he fear for his life and I do to.wish I new who call they saying call buy time u do that might be to late.inmate got stab death next to his bed on 12-25-2016 had 3stabing in his dome he don’t sleep at he can watch make sure nothing happens to bad nowing u have do u find out who talk to let me no tks u.


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