Who will benefit from the demand for change within the Alabama prison system?

October 17,2016

   The recent strikes across the nation’s prison system were sparked by the movements within Alabama’s prisons by men that have been sentenced to do time for crimes committed.

    Founders of the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT have relentlessly educated men inside these concrete jungles and pushed them to understand they were more than animals, that society has for years impeded.

   Robert Earl Council, a co-founder for the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT has stressed for years that the system today is designed for failure, and would eventually fall.

   Today we see evidence of Robert Earl Council’s prophesy. We see an overcrowded, understaffed, and inhumane violent environment that has taken the lives of officers, inmates, and civilians.

     The men and women behind the walls of Alabama’s prison strive to change what’s going on in this state and set a stage for change all over our nation.

  These men and women want the senseless violence and murders to stop, they want to ensure they as well as officers return home and not become victims of the concrete jungle. They want to become better men and women once they’re released back into society in order to break the recidivism cycle. 

     For years officers have suffered just as much injustice as any inmate within these walls. This fight is too see that they receive justice from their negligent employers and leaders, and that those responsible are held accountable.

   Why don’t we ask some of these officers if they agree.I’m sure officer Kenneth Bettis who died from the fatal stabbing on September 1, 2016 would have allot to say about this situation.




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