Update from Holman Correctional Facility and the latest suicide.

 October 11,2016

Sadly to say it’s been confirmed that Robert Deangelo Carter, who suffered from a long history of mental illness ended his own life on October 9,2016, in Alabama’s most secure dungeon at Holman.

 It’s also been reported by witness’s that Carter has made a deal to start back taking is medications used for his mental disorders in exchange to be released back into population with the warden of Holman.

 However Carter was not released, and had requested to see the warden and mental health specialist. After officers ignored Carter’s request Carter then told the same officers if they did not let him out he would kill himself, reported by eye witnesses’s.

 This is the second successful suicide within six months inside Holman Correctional Facility lockup. Inmate Tripplett ended his life in April of this year under similar circumstances.

There is no doubt a pattern of neglect in these situations relating to the Alabama Department of Corrections standard operating procedures and it’s staff exist. There’s been numerous reports from the men at Holman that there is no security, no way to communicate to staff, and intentional ignoring of complaints in relation to conditions, and medical issues. Reports of inmates necessity  to bang on doors in order to irritate officers enough to go and check on these men.

These conditions are beyond a violation of the Eighth amendment of the United States constitution. It’s a violation of human morals and dignity.

The question has arose and should be answered today by the United States Justice Department…..”how many bodies do you need?”


7 thoughts on “Update from Holman Correctional Facility and the latest suicide.

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  4. My Brother had told me on several occasions that the officers was picking with him…wouldn’t give him his mail…lock him down for no reason…etc #fuck holman prison system
    R.I.P to my BiG Bro.


  5. Yet, this horrific situation is not confined to only the Alabama prisons, but extends also to our local jails! There are young men with no history legal trouble being held without ANY contact with anyone outside the jail, to make certain their abuse, neglect, and outright torture of said young man doesn’t come to light! I have contacted several state officials yet, sadly I am realizing this isn’t an isolated case. When an young man, with an obvious mental defect, whether acute or genetic, is made prey for sinister control-addicts whom call themselves law enforcement, and their loved ones can do nothing in fear of retaliation, that’s when we as citizens should say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” and contact every representative, every congressmen, everyone, all the way up to the president if necessary, and DEMAND justice! If we do not speak out for the individuals, who most of the time have no contact outside, than who will?? HOW MANY MORE YOUNG MEN MUST DIE ALONE, IN A FILTHY CELL, ISOLATED AND TERRIFIED BEFORE THE CITIZENS OF ALABAMA WILL STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT???!!! It has got to stop!!!!


  6. It’s not right for police to tell inmates that about taking med or doing nothing they look for that release r time on prorole r they freedom


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