Alabama inmates have voices, but why are aren’t they being listened to?

The past few years inmates around Alabama’s prison system have come together and formed prison activist groups to expose and speak out about what’s going on in the system. Groups such as FAM (Free Alabama Movement) and UNHEARD VOICES. These groups have relentlessly published and exposed true injustices that actually occur behind the walls of the prisons that sit in our communities leaving the question on ,how have we ignored this for so long?

The truth to that question is that men and women such as Mr.Thornton (Alabama Department of Corrections spokesperson in Montgomery) has done a great job in covering up for the governor and ADOC for years.

Up until recently these men and women have been able to successfully temporarily discredit the accusations before them.For example, when Robert Earl Council reported that officers unified at Holman prison and did not show up for work, Mr.Thornton went on public record and intentionally lied by saying this is untrue and merely propaganda put out by inmate activist.

But today it’s confirmed by ADOC that it’s fact.

That leads to the next question. If there are men behind our prison walls making accusations of injustices that are turning out to be true, why are we not listening to them? There are men that are standing up to try and make positive changes for Alabama, and not once has a platform been set to allow these men’s voices to be heard by the tax payers of Alabama. Why? Because the governor of Alabama, and Commissioner of ADOC can’t afford that to happen thus these men must be silenced and treated as enemies.

It’s time we make a platform in Alabama and allow these men to speak in a public forum openly and without retaliation by ADOC or the Alabama government, and address the issues that cost the tax payers of Alabama. 



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