Lets be real with ourselves and our children. History books are filled with lies about who did what and why. The information age has brought to light a lot of those lies. However, just exposing the falsehoods and half truths is not good enough, we must correct them through direct action.
The biggest and most pressing one is in regards to the Institution of Slavery.

For over 150 years, we have promoted a lie- “The 13th Amendment ABOLISHED SLAVERY”.
The 13th Amendment, in laymans terms, took control of Slavery from the Southern Planters and Codified it for the Government to regulate it. The Government/State became the de facto “MASSA”

Now all the State had to do is create a sham criminal justice system and Slavery could continue to thrive on- and thats exactly what it has done- thrive on under the guise of the criminal justice system. 

All this has been verified and documented, therefore, the question begs — ARE WE A NATION OF ENSLAVERS? OR ARE WE, AS A NATION, PREPARED TO BECOME ABOLITIONIST?
And just striking the exception/criminal punishment clause will not be enough. The entire Amendment and its historical underpinnings must be identified, exposed and uprooted. This way we not only Abolish Slavery, but we correct the White Supremist narrative. No longer will we promote the lie that in 1865 the UNITED STATES abolished Slavery and began Reconciliation with its former “Chattel Slaves”

Today, 2016, is the time to END SLAVERY under all forms and names-be it Convict Leasing, Feudalism, Prison Labor, etc- and create and Amendment with NO EXCEPTION.

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