Officers from other prisons are waking up in Alabama!

​Just recently officers from Elmore correctional facility and other prisons had to go to Holman correctional facility in Atmore Alabama to cover duty so Holman officers could attend officer Kenneth Bettis’ funeral. Upon return to their own facilities these officers face testimony that they actually see where the Free Alabama movement (Fam), and UNHEARD VOICES are coming from. “Officers are now speaking out”, said one Elmore correctional officer. He also said “I see why!” 

   This officer also went on to explain his thoughts to the recent stabbing of officer Bettis and how from what he heard and witnessed to be hard to believe that it happened the way Alabama Department of Corrections public relations painted the picture. 

   I myself hope more officers realize that it is important they also speak up now. Time will tell.via UNHEARD VOICES!


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