​For almost 3 years, I’ve sat here and watch the ADOC meticulously create an environment of hostility and chaos. They have not only been painting a picture, but coloring the perception of society. — INCARCERATED MEN ARE ANIMALS AND MUST BE WORKED OR CAGED. SO WE CAN’T LET THEM GO, WE MUST BUILD BIGGER CAGES.$1.5 BILLION IS A SMALL PRICE TO PAY IN COMPARISON TO RELEASING THEM BACK INTO SOCIETY.
However, the people of Alabama were sick and tiredof the rhetoric. So the ADOC had to prove their point-in Blood

THE HOLMAN PROJECT was implemented- A period of a mass influx of drugs, abandoning of #403 Regulations, withdrawal of security from Dormitories and encouragement toget you something to protect yourself“.
For the past 6 months, I’ve witnessed a deliberate releasing from Segregation of mortal enemies, assault victims with unknown enemies, mental patients, sociopathic homosexual predators and anyone else that wanted to go to population. Yet, they have adamantly refused to even discuss or consider releasing me (KINETIK). To this day- 33 months- I have been  been in solitary confinement for organizing a Peaceful Protest against the inhumanities inflicted by the ADOC upon all those incarcerated in the State of Alabama, and labeled “A THREAT TO THE SECURITY OF THE ADOC” and sentenced to INDEFINITE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. 

But once you understand the Motive, Intent and Purpose of THE HOLMAN PROJECT, then it becomes clear why using Non Violent and Peaceful means to highlight and exposed the inhumanities being suffered by the men here at Holman warranted me being labeled a threat to the ADOC— For clarity sake and lack of a better word, I’M FUCKIN UP THEIR PLANS WITH ALL THE NON -VIOLENT PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS. AS THEY NEED VIOLENCE NOT PEACEFUL RESOLUTIONS.

Now it all adds up and makes sense, I’m not violent enough for THE HOLMAN PROJECT.


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