When Free Alabama Movement began planning to end prison slavery a couple of years ago, their emphasis was on shaming McDonald’s, which uses prison slave labor extensively. This graffiti appeared in Barcelona, Spain.

U.S. Embassy protests occurred in England, Australia, Sweden and Germany. From Oregon to Florida and in between, companies profiting off prison were targeted by outside protesters, including Bank of America, McDonalds, Aramark, AT&T and Starbucks.In Lansing, Michigan, protesters blocked a downtown intersection for hours with a large U-Haul truck. In New York City and Durham, North Carolina, they blocked freeways.In Portland, Oregon, protesters disrupted an AT&T and McDonalds, both corporations which use prison labor, as well as held a noise demonstration outside a local jail; then they shut down traffic. There were arrests in Oakland, California; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Nashville, Tennessee; and Atlanta, Georgia. Most were quickly released, but at least three protesters in Georgia are facing multiple felonies.

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