When will the Alabama Media start questioning the Narrative before Publishing a Story?

First of all, I want to correct this article and say that we were only on lockdown for a couple of hours. Security is still just as lax as the afternoon it occurred.

His name in here was Manny.  He and the other inmate had gotten into an altercation earlier that morning. The prison knew about this altercation and got the two inmates to sign a living agreement stating that they would not harm one or the other again.

The prison then placed both inmates back into the same dorm that they were living in before this occurred. So what do you expect?
The guy murdered Manny in his sleep. Because he could.

Because the Department of Corruption let him by placing both of these guys back in the same dorm after they had already fought. Manny’s blood is on their hands. And so is anyone who refuses to do nothing about the overcrowding our prison system faces.

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