FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT calls for federal investigation into allegations of Human Rights violations at Holman Prison

After receiving numerous phone calls from family members and photographs from conditions inside Holman prison, FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT and other representatives are calling for federal authorities and Human Rights attorneys to investigate allegations of Human Rights violations taking place at Holman to punish peaceful protests.

Reports indicate that officers are leaving dorms in filth, not taking out trash, leaving showers and soiled laundry unclean, in efforts to punish peaceful demonstrations.


  The men in Holman prison also allege that officers are violating their Human Rights by serving inadequate meals and attempting to use starvation tactics in violation of Federal and International law and treatise against Torture through food.

Basic nutritional calories and food portions are not being met.




The men confined at Holman prison are asking supporters to contact the Human Rights Watch, all media, and Human Rights attorneys and request that they come to the prison and begin taking complaints. Living conditions include leaky ceiling with Black mole and other harmful conditions in the showers that are causing infections.


Showers filled with mole and bacteria.



Tarps being used to contain leaks in roof.



  Contact info:

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Toll Free Call Center: 1-877-696-6775

Center For Disease Control and Prevention
800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636),TTY: 888-232-6348

Alabama Department of Public Health  |  Montgomery, AL  |  1-800-252-1818  |


3 thoughts on “FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT calls for federal investigation into allegations of Human Rights violations at Holman Prison

  1. I was very moved and outraged by the information about relayed by Kinetik Justice and Pastor Glasgow on Friday’s Democracy Now, and by their stories. The calm, courage and resilience of this young activist thrown into solitary confinement for nonviolent resistance to what amounts to slavery, is admirable beyond words.


  2. It’s sad to see the conditions of a prison here in Atmore, Al. I can’t believe these politicians are not doing anything about the conditions of theses prisons. You know God sees all what these so call leaders are doing. They day will come. The Habitual Offenders law needs to go away and put into play to rehabilitation and education in these people to help these men and women fit back into society people. God bless you all do the right thing before it’s to late for you so call leaders, and do something about Doug Valeska and Gary Maxwell they the reason you all are in this mess OVERCROWDED PRISONS and Three Strikes Law. Why not build a better state because Alabama look like a ghost state just take a look around. I thing uou all will be surprise if you fix this giant circle things might just get better. Release some of the life without parole offenders to fix this state call Alabama. Non-violent offenders before Alabama don’t be no more.


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