2 thoughts on “Plz join Mothers and Families on April 9th at Holman CF for peaceful protest and rally!

  1. Tuesday night hear your talk radio l would like to help. I have a family friend in Holman with life without parole under the 3 prior convictions. The Habitual Offenders Statue needs to change for him and other inmates at Holman. He talk about the living conditions at Holman. The mildew on the walls and the old pipes inside the prison. He calls it a real hellhole. I hope they do showdown all the prisons here in Alabama. Let me know what l an do to help please. 17 yrs. Is along time off your life. God bless each and everyone.


    • Please contact Mothers and Families and attend the next protest at Holman on May 9. 2016. We have to continue building up the protests and supporters so that we can demonstrate our strength against the system and demand change. We all know that the habitual offender law is a fraud. But knowing that and doing something about it are two different things. We are trying to do something about it but we need more families to join with us


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