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The Youth Summit


The ADOC’s practice of Housing men and women in a system that is over 200% its designed capacity is a willful disregard for the health, safety and security of over 30,000 Incarcerated Citizens. This practice is a violation of Humane and Constitutional standards. —– To properly reduce Overcrowding down to Constitutional standards would afford thousands of Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters an opportunity to rebuild their lives. And for those still in the prison system, it would reduce the congestion inside the dormitories, reduce the level of violence and spread of diseases. Overall it would contribute to a more sanitary and humane living environment.

The ADOC’s Economical policies and practices of compelling Incarcerated Citizens to provide labor with no compensation, while imposing various fines and fees upon them, is hyper-exploitative, unjust and amounts to prison slavery.—–It is discriminatory and exploitative to force Incarcerated people to work while prohibiting them from being compensated; yet imposing arbitrary fines and fees upon them. To work is an essential part of rehabilitation and learning to be responsible for self, as from the compensation one is able to provide for their needs. Therefore, ADOC’s Economical policy of Free Labor is counter productive to rehabilitation and is exploitative and demeaning.


The ADOC’s policy and practice of not affording those Incarcerated with meaningful Educational and Rehabilitation opportunities falls below the standards of human decency, as it perpetuates ignorance and exploitation. It has been empirically proven that the lack of Education is a primary driver for incarceration, therefore, Rehabilitation has to include a meaningful opportunity for Education programs.


“There are many Negros who will never fight for freedom, but they will gladly accept it when it comes” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

“We can’t keep stepping back, but then wondering why we aren’t moving forward. At some point, a decision has to be made about ones freedom. When one really wants to be free, one doesn’t need time to prepare. The mind of one who truly wants freedom is already ready for that freedom. Being “ready” is more of a state of mind than it is a state of existence. When one is”ready” their every thought, action and planincorporates thoughts of freedom. When the whip is on your back and the foot is on your neck, if you still need to get ready, then you won’t ever get there.The slave has had their say, they have ruled their days, they have went into the fields and harvested the Masters crops. Now is the time for the Men to stand up and Speak. Time to put the slave in their place. Time to go into the doghouse forreal!!!FREEDOM OR DEATH !!!FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT”


We, FAM, as Men and Women , Stand up in Non Violent & Peaceful Protest of the Department of Corrections Inhumane Treatment, their Unsanitary Living Conditions, their Economical Exploitation, their lack of meaningful Educational Opportunities, their lack of Rehabilitation and ReEntry Preparedness.

We, as FAM, have acknowledged the problem inherent within the Department of Corrections is rooted in its history of Slave Labor.

Based upon this understanding, We have developed a Plan, a Strategy, a Tactic and Method to confront and address the inequalities and injustices.

We vow to work diligently to dismantle the System of Mass Incarceration and Prison Slavery, in Alabama and across the Nation.

Join us in the Struggle for Human and Civil Rights of the Millions of Men and Women Incarcerated.


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