Alabama often denies prisoners parole, but doesn’t tell them why – News – Mobile

Parole hearings in Alabama are a sham.


2 thoughts on “Alabama often denies prisoners parole, but doesn’t tell them why – News – Mobile

  1. To whom this may concern,we are trying to fine any kind of help to free a black man whom have been fighting for his freedom for over 21years of a crime that he had nothing to do with ,and he can present affidavit of the key state witness whom gave testimony again him ,now states that his was threatened by the D.A .and detective whom was over the case to testify again Jon Lenoska Johnson at his tail ,now he give affidavit states that he had nothing to do with the case at all ,and also the case even gets batter sent since 2003 we have been trying to get z hearing on the case in the county of Mobile Al. because this is when the detective over the was arrested and pled guilty to police corruption charges and got on stand and admitted that he have taking evidence out of cases that could have proving someone innocent in put evidence in a case that could make someone guilty he state this in a federal court under oath and in my case the day of trail the evidence that could have loving Jon L. Johnson innocent came up missing under the hands of detective James Stallworth Jr.of at the time work for Prichard Police Dept. and the county of Mobile whom state the reason why he done this crime to innocent people was that he could be Chief of police one day and yet with perjury testimony that he been living to the court of a man that still awaits his day of justice where our constitute states that ever citizen of our united States have a right to a fair trail that no man shall endure pain but yet innocent and this country would not make sure that he will have his day in court to confront his witness against him but not the state of ala. even when we have went as for as got it in present this evidence to the court and let the key state witness tell the house of justice that there is a innocent man in prison and that he committee perjury by giving fault testimony against that man a,and yet the court refuse to correct the sentence and give a innocent man his life and liberty back that they have taking away for over 21years enough is enough time out for slavery time in for freedom can someone please help us move these door of slavery and open them again for Jon L. Johnson freedom thank you for your time you can contact us at the email below.


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