A CALL TO WAR, by Bennu Hannibal


(This happened Thursday, May 21, 2015)


May 14 at 3:44pm ·

Just want to remind everyone that the governmental power brokers use these prisons to continue to divide the black family and dilute our strength as a Nation of people here in America. On the auction block, mothers were separated from fathers. Children separated from families. These same processes continue today in courtrooms across America.

Many of us are unaware of the origins of Visitation days as a relic of the slave plantations, when slaves were allowed to “visit” family members on other plantations on the designated days prescribed by the plantation owners. Only when we decide to give up these slave traditions and commit ourselves to destroying the institution of slavery will we be able to unite our Nation again.

Why accept permission to temporarily visit a loved one when, through unity, it is within our power unite our family once again for eternity for permanent visitation.

FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT is fighting for more than just physical freedom. We are also fighting against traditions that are in place to keep our Black Nation divided. But we are fighting for more than just these two things also. . . We are asking everyone who is impacted by this current version of slavery to join the fight in the way that you are unknowingly upholding slave traditions of the past which only serves to keep the institution of slavery alive in the psychology of the People.

In African tradition, there are cultures which dictate that to disrobe the woman in public is shame upon the Village. When the women would want the men to Rise up, they would threaten to disrobe in public. This threat would force the men to act, because the men from other villages would consider the men from that village as weak if the women from their villages were exposed for the public to see. In the prisons today, especially in Alabama, the women and daughters are required to pull out their breast, show their panties, remove their jewelry, etc just to visit.


When we kicked off the shutdowns in 2014, we made a conscious decision to give up visits, among many other things, in the degrading form that it existed in, to stand up for our Villages and the Honor of our women.


Somehow, somewhere along the way, we find ourselves having given up too much of our scared customs again for the traditions of slavery that are enforced by the plantation masters.

To take back the Freedom that has been taken from us, we will have to give up something again. Make some sacrifices to send the message that we will not accept any form of slavery, including the practice of free labor, that is destroying our families and our communities.

Give up slavery for freedom.



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