PRISON BOY, By Verna M. Smith

I want my momma, Momma! Momma! Momma!!!


Your momma can’t help you now boy


You belong to me, I’m your momma, your lawyer and your Judge now let me see. Attempted murder, assault and burglary. You f….. now little boy, and I know where you gone be. You guilty, don’t close your eyes and don’t fall asleep. Give him twenty, that will teach him and when he get out he want be no good just another nigger laid back from the hood.


Momma! Momma!!!


I’m locked up and they won’t let me out


Ni@@ers grinning, ni@@ers whining and ni@@ers want to be’s. Ni@@ers in the shower doing things I never thought I would see. It aint like the streets you can’t pack no heat. You got to go for what you know are get your a.. beat. The guards on your d… the food taste like s…. you call home, the phone gone.


D… what did I do wrong. Nothing but time, and can’t nobody do my time for me but me.


I’m trapped in these d… bricks, man I can’t even see me do twenty, I’m only sixteen how can this shit be ???


I should have listened to my momma she told me to let those ni@@ers be. Man all I want is to be FREE!


By: Verna M Smith


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