African Reality System, By Jarred P

The youth must speak and ill be the voice. This is what ima do my best to put together when I can, A.R.S. African Reality system. The goal is to get across the advice that’s needed to succeed! Which teaches other young men and myself how important our roles are im the black family. And how we need to get out of prison, learn what it takes to stabilise ourselves when we get out of prison, learn the law and the constitution, learn how to think critically, and learn how to engage other young people in positive thinking and actions.

We will strive to educate the mindset of the youth to inspire proper communication so we can cut down on the beefs and stabbings to assure that we come home.

As well as learn about history, without the facts of history how can you be properly educated on the time we presently live in and that which is to come. Past\history is what created us, so its a must that we be educated on history, it’s vital to the protection of our future existence.

We must further our establishments in business and economics by learning thoroughly about both. With time comes a change,and with change brings a revolution,if the change doesnt benefit the whole. If its not beneficial its artificial. Each one teach one, am I my brother keeper? If prison doesnt rehabilitate then we must do it by ourselves! Free da team!

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