WARRIOR CALL: Freedom or Death, Ain’t Nothing Else

By Dhati Khalid

In order for this MA$$ [Econonic] eXXXploitation of FREE and/or CHEAP prison labor to stp those of us who are about FREEDOM, JUSTICE and EQUALITY have to shut these $lave indu$trie$ dwn utilizing THE BEST/MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS to eradicated the problem.

I have come to understand that not everyone, maybe not even most will stand up for FREEDOM, JUSTICE and EQUALITY for many *illigitimate reasons, but, after being in many battles for most of my life and after studying some of the world’s greatest generals, EYE AM not of the counterfeit concept that greater numbers mean victory. The victorious group has been the minority.! They were the most Dedicated, Determined and Disciplined, Organized and Unified of the two sides.

Bottom-line, we – The Minority – have to be unyielding, unwaivering, steadfast and out right relentless for what “we proclaim” we want more than anything and right nw EYE dnt see that frm us yet. Whn you meet your enemy for war, you never bkdwn, unless it iz in a stratagem.! War is deception.

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