In the black community/hoodz we glorify black on black crimes, we hurt each other without a just cause we are our own reason 4 some of our failures it seems that we are curse with this demon that allow us to love an enjoy violence against our on people,we hurt our women, we hurt our children we are destroying our own race this very day an act as if we dnt even care, i am not being the judge i am simply stateing the facts as i see it, our children our being sent to prison at the young ages of 16,17,18, i see it every day they cant read or write, why is this happening to our race?

Yes we all our aware of the american government’s role in the evil they are putting forth against our race, but look at what the black man an woman is doing to our self, i was once guitly of this unjust act against myself an our race til i realize living that way i was insane, out my fucking mind it is pass time that we all step up an change our course b4 its to late.

By Punkin Stewart

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