Private Prisons are the New Slaveholders

Cells to Cells
When elected officials have strong ties to private prison companies, you see sentencing laws become incredibly strict, the privatizing of services such as halfway houses and probation, and a market incentive to churn people through the system.

Spokesperson Ray
The businessman controls prisons today because they are a 500 billion dollar industry. The approach to ending it also has to be a business approach. We have to get at the core of the economics (“follow the money”, so to speak) of the system and disrupt THAT !!! Hell, we are their system. Our labor and the things that we produce, the services that we provide, and what we spend tallies up to 500 billion . . . for someone else.

One thought on “Private Prisons are the New Slaveholders

  1. This is why we expose the SCHR, SPLC, ACLU, EJI, and other orgs that claim to be for Human Rights. They uses the prison conditions to extract attorneys fees, leaving the men and women incarcerated with broken bones, broken dreams, and more police.


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